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On the surface, Urban Umpires is a cutting edge multimedia company that has experienced 400+% growth since its establishment. Our company consists of some of the most innovative, experienced, and trusted talent in the entertainment industry. Additionally, we directly contract with and hold personal relationships with many of the worlds leading entertainment staples. We recruit talent from all areas of the world and because of this, we offer versatility that is unmatched in the industry. We are the "one stop shop" for all your multimedia needs. Our range of expertise extends throughout the areas of audio production, video production, beat production, commercial media audio, event promotions, audio/visual content etc. (please click "services" for full list of services).

Let us take you and your vision to the next level.


Urban Umpires is the brainchild of Umpire Founder Just Jay. The organization was built on the idea that “For Every player, There's an Umpire” or in other terms - for every individual or endeavor there is a person who came before you that paved the way. In Hip-Hop almost everyone coins themselves as a player, but to be an Umpire you have to have extended knowledge of the game and have had to already played it (and played it well) with integrity and skill throughout. Thus, Umpires have passed simply playing the game.

The Umpires thrive in a never-ending respect for the founders of artistry and the artists who filled out the worldwide body of Hip-Hop specifically - but other genres also. This does not extend to promotion of vanity because Umpires realize no matter how much one individual contributes - no game is played and no call is settled by one individual. More to the point “Skillz NOT Image” is what counts to the Umpires fam. So simply having a blind following or un-original but sellable style will not do. True art from an unknown but dedicated individual is always preferred over empty/copycat commercialized skill level, BIG name, BIG head and BIG reputation any day. A person constantly screaming “I’m the best” often needs to scream it to cover a sloppy play. Umpires tend to let their art speak for itself. Why? You can’t fake skillz.

The eclectic blend of Umpires from all over the world spanning multiple genres speaks to this never ending commitment as well as all of the Umpires musical endeavors. Those with vision, drive, and a desire to enhance their artistry are the Players in what is ultimately the Game of the entertainment industry. What has been lacking in many circles are the Umpires, who are ultimately the ones who market, produce, enhance, direct, and nurture the visions of the players. Without the right backing the concept....the song....the commercial...the venue -- The Vision -- can never reach its full potential.

During Just Jay's 15+ years in the industry (working on both sides of the bench) he came to see the pros and cons of how the status quo was being upheld. He had the vision to see the downward spiral that the audio and music industry was taking and pinpointed what the problem was. He ultimately conspired with artists Coup D'ville and Various Blends (artists EB.F. aka RasCue and Friz-B) who shared his vision. Later with an unanimous vote, DJ CrushDelight was inducted as a Senior Umpire also. The Senior Umpires alone have over 75+ years of combined hands on experience in all of Urban Umpires areas of service. They have collaborated with many of the artists and producers that are cornerstones in the industry throughout the years and are respected staples themselves.

In addition to Urban Umpires Senior members there are the many other talented Umpires. No less a contributing factor to the overall success of the Umpires organization Amad Jamal aka Tom Bradley, Mark Stretch aka Peter Parker (of Foreign Legion), Grand the Visitor (vocal portion of Homeliss Derilex and 2nd ever Stones Throw release), Consise Kilgore, Brisk-1,Methuzulah ka Mojo Swagger,B-Smoove, DJ Flip, Beat Maker Beat, Intro Beats, and Cold Showda are staples in the Umpire Fam. Each brings their own unique brand of skill – none are comparable to the other.

So why were these individuals chosen to be Umpires when so many other talented individuals (both widely known and unknown) were and are passed over? The answer to that falls in what truly defines an Umpire.

What’s the definition of an Urban Umpire?

Ur-ban Um-pire: noun

An individual who exemplifies artistry, leadership, longevity, originality and a solid sense of respect for others and their craft.

* Must be involved, experienced & skilled in more than one
genre of music
* Must have at least 10 years of experience in their skill or craft.
how can you be an umpire before you’ve been a player?
* Must receive no less than a unanimous vote for entry.










Urban Umpires News:

March 10th B Smoove party in Sacramento feat. Boobie, Amad Jamal, and Hieroglyphics Opio and A Plus (Souls of Mischief) at Aura   (more details below)

March 13th at  noon Amad Jamal meet and greet at Rasputins in Berkley 
Amad Jamal will be in the Bay Area over the next couple of weeks. In addition to more music video production, he will be stopping through Berkley at Rasputins to do an in-store for his new LP on March 13th at noon, performing live at Umpire B Smoove’s Party on March 10th in Sacramento alongside Hieroglyphics Opio and A Plus (Souls of Mischief) and Boobie at Aura (2724 J St in Sac.), and generally just making rounds here in the Bay. Stay posted for more appearances.

Urban Umpire Amad Jamal is teaming up with industry mogul videographer Donlee Brussle for the newest video in the “Barely Hangin’ On: Chronicles of a Brotha Like Rodney King” saga “Stop Clownin’ Around”. Shooting on the video has been going on in L.A. all week, and with Donlee’s latest video RoxTar hitting MTV last week, confidence that the production of Amad Jamal’s latest video will be an immense visual success is unquestioned.
“Barely Hangin' On: Chronicles of a Brotha Like Rodney King” is now available on iTunes and featured prominently on the websites top pick new releases.

Get Ready world........we are about to release a swarm of new music and we start it all with the great album by umpire Amad Jamal........the date is set, the album is HOT!!! and June 29th, 2010 you too will be able to see why we are umpires and not simply just players in this game. With features including Dilated Peoples, Defari,and many others teamed up with Amad Jamal and the solution, its time to set new standards......the times of this wack artistry is over, find out what Urban Umpires is all about if you didn,t already know, you ,bout to know......Spread Love is the Cali way!

The Bay Area based foundation “Got Kidney?” and the New York based organization “Hip-Hop(e) For Healing” in association with AMR Productions and Boogie Events join forces to present The Southwest Tour Kick-Off at the Mighty Nightclub in San Francisco on Wednesday June 9, 2010.
“Got Kidney?” and “Hip-Hop(e) For Healing” have planned an opening night for their two-week Southwest Tour that promises to be more than a show but an event. Featured artists include underground hip-hop legends Rasco (Cali Agents/Various Blends), Big Pooh (Little Brother), Kam Moye aka Supastition and opening acts Otayo Dubb (Co-Deez) and 7 Daize. Two rooms of deejays will showcase World I.T.F. Champion DJ Swiftrock, DJ SpazeCraft, DJ RasCue, DJ LadyLu, DJ Theory and Carey Kopp; and the second room celebrating 10 years of Emmy's Spaghetti Shack Restaurant deejays. Hosting this event will be none other than Pep Love of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew. A portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the goals of “Got Kidney?” and “Hip Hop(e) for Healing” to promote organ donor awareness and health education.
In December of 2008, DJ RasCue was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (kidney disease). On May 20, 2009 Hip Hop(e) for Healing co-founder Aaron Lazansky (DJ SpazeCraft) successfully donated a kidney to his girlfriend of two years who had been battling chronic kidney disease. Throughout their own personal struggles with this illness, these three saw a great need to not only offer aid to those currently afflicted with kidney disease, but also to educate the general public about organ donation. Propelled into action, RasCue created the “Got Kidney?” foundation and Lazansky founded the Hip Hop(e) for Healing Project. Both organizations use their ties to the worldwide music industry, generating funds to raise awareness about the importance of organ donor registration and healthy lifestyle strategies for those living in marginalized urban communities.

All involved look forward to a memorable experience for music lovers, as well as, a unique opportunity to educate the public on heath and wellness issues that affect us all. Do not miss this opportunity to indulge in an amazing evening while kicking off this important cause. Your donation could help speak to the next generation of youth on healthy living choices and disease prevention. This is truly a one of a kind “feel good” event.

Peep the compilation RasCue put together to raise awareness about organ donation and also feel free to help him and others who need organ transplants by donating and contributing to a great cause. this compilation was launched the night of his last benefit and is a very great treat to all. Spread the word, tell your friends and do something good all while enjoying yourself. Listen to great music and find out what all the hype is about, and never forget........GOT KIDNEY?

It's all for RasCue, so please come out and join us for this celebration 12 DJ'S are coming together to support one of their own. Please join us for this celebration of life and witness the impact of a act of kindness and love...We hope to have many more benefits, more fundraising for RasCue and support his efforts to bring forth more Organ Donor Awareness!! .

RasCue has given so much to Hip Hop as an MC, DJ, Prod., Writer and a member of VBs, U.U. and Cali Agents. What most people don't know is that he fell victim to Renal Chronic Kidney Disease. RasCue has Dialysis 3 times a week and is on 7 different meds. Due to his sky rocketing hospital bills, he's been struggling to support himself and his daughter.

¨Ä Prince Po, Brisk 1, and Zion-I have achieved a near impossible feat, recording a quality full length album AND documenting their artistic process on video in ONE DAY!


To purchase this piece of musical history keep and eye out, the full LP is set to be released on Net-weight Records.

To learn more about Brisk-1 as well as treat yourself to some savory beats and lyrics visit their Umpires bio pages and corresponding web links.

¨Ä is the wave of the future! Join in! :-)

¨Ä Urban Umpires is proud to announce our newest consideration for admission into our coalition - B-Smoove. He is talented, positive, highly skilled in his craft, and focused on success. Keep posted to find out if this worthy artist receives the unanimous votes needed to make him a part of the Urban Umpires family.

¨Ä Check out the newest updates to Urban Umpires website! Super talents and true artists - Brisk 1 and Mojo Swagger's personal bios and pics are now available. Get to know these Umpires, why they do what they do, what motivates their creative vision, and listen to seriously dope music samples!

¨Ä It is well known that the Umpires are a coalition of Artists and visionaries whose goals are to maintain the foundations of Hip Hop. Our never ending quest is to do our part in maintaining the positive attitude, spirit of community, and free expression that make the culture of Hip Hop unlike any before it. Our members have a focus... that focus is the embetterment of community, artistry, and brotherhood among all.

We must lead by example or our endeavors are for nothing.

¨Ä Urban Umpires benefit for DJ RasCue was an unprecedented success. We would like to thank all the 54 artists who contributed their talents, Temple Nightclub, and all who attended for their participation in making the event a success. Our goal of bringing awareness to DJ RasCue, the importance of organ donation, and enticing real progress as a Hip Hop community was reached.

The word is the benefit concert was historical.

We would like to thank all for your high praise, and Urban Umpires will strive to never come short in our future deliveries of artistic expression and positive focus.

¨Ä June 25 2009. 3 Rooms. Over 25 LIVE MC's. Over 10 Live DJ's.
ONLY $12.
@ TEMPLE 540 Howard St., San Francisco CA - - 10 p.m. NO Early Arrivals

¨Ä ResCue in honor of DJ RasCue (Details Above) is promising to be a HUGE success with support from Itation Records, Distortion 2 Static, The National Kidney Foundation, The Bishop Adisa Bajoko's Hip Hop Chess Federation, Elevation Nation, Red Bull, and many generous others.

Urban Umpires is proud to be presenting this major musical event at a nominal fee for the enjoyment of true hip hop lovers and thankfully for the benefit of our brother - the most truly deserving RasCue.

His Bravery is an inspiration.

¨Ä Just Jay is fresh out the studio bring you yet another great video collaboration with Opio (Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics) on his latest Solo LP - Everybody Loves The Sun.

This 15 minute visual remix of a Black Cinema Classic is sure to touch your sweet spot with VJ'd footage and humor. The wordplay is clever and the revisit to a movie classic makes this one another "must view".

The one complaint you could make of the past Opio Just Jay collaborations is that each video was just a teaser...but with this latest piece you'll need time for a brief satisfied pause - - - before moving on to the next!

This project was all for fun, the love of music, and visual arts. You can pretty much watch it free anywhere online. Oh...and if thats not enough you can get the WHOLE ALBUM for FREE too!!!

Right Here - - -

¨Ä Urban Umpires is proud to announce the upcoming benefit for our brother RasCue. As you may know he is suffering from a serious health condition (which is hereditary) and is awaiting an organ transplant. The positive response from the hip hop community has been overwhelming and this upcoming benefit is sure to be nothing short of amazing! We have had such a massive number of talented artists willing to preform that we are attempting to find a day that will accommodate as many of them as possible. We have also been fortunate to have one of San Francisco's newest and largest upcoming establishments agree to host the benefit.

To raise additional awareness Urban Umpires will also be documenting the events surrounding this benefit, as well as the event itself, and putting together a documentary which will be released late 2009 early 2010.

Stay posted here for info as to the final artist line up and location details!

¨Ä Interested in getting archived Urban Umpire Radio shows for your ipod or music collection? Need content for your station? Contact us to find out how to get thousands of hours of music from every genre by artists from all over the world!!!

¨Ä Mojo Swaggers debut indie album Long Story Short is set to come out in July with a listening party in May. Check in with us and we will have details on where the listening party will be and if it is open to the public.

¨Ä Urban Umpires Welcomes Concise Kilgore to the Umpire Family. We are proud to add this talented MC to our artistic repitoi. Concise Kilgore is a Salt Lake City native currently residing in California. His lyrical style adds a heavy emphasis on substance with modern day swagger.

Currently, Concise is working on an EP for Umpire Price Po's Nasty Habits Entertainment and he has his debut album titled Kobain coming soon with features from Rasco, Planet Asia, Evidence, Guilty Simpson, DJ Revolution, Brand Nubian, Adverse and others. We'll let you know when you can expect this new album to drop here, or you can check out Concise Kilgore's Umpire page for album and tour info.

¨Ä Get ready for The third Rail in 2009!

¨Ä The Urban Umpires send out best wishes out to our brother Ras Cue. We Stand with you.

¨Ä Happy New Year 2009 from the Umpire Family. As we move forward into what is surely a portrait of 'a brave new world' we must take control and revolutionize our prospective areas of influence. As Umpires this is our commitment - to thrive and evolve past these times and the traps of enslavement that bind man. We encourage you to move with us.

Author your own existence.

Peace -

¨Ä Umpire Marc Stretch is still cracking dope mix-tapes with an addition to High School Fight Music Series (HSFC). The newest 60 minute jam is titled
The Uptempo Getdown.

¨Ä Umpire Cold Showda and Unjust Beats have teamed up in a dope colab titled Chosen Few - New Word Symphony. Guest spots feature Del The Funky Homosapien, Pep Love, Phat Kat, Rakaa Iriscience, DJ baboo, Opio, Tajai, Word4Word and others. Check out Cold Showda's Umpire Memeber page for more info.

¨Ä The Urban Umpires proudly announce they have unanimously voted in two new Umpires - Brisk 1 and MoJo Swagger.

To our newest Umpires - Mo Jo Swagger and Brisk 1 - from the Umpire Fam.
Welcome Brothers. Let Us Prosper in wealth of Mind and Power. Let money be our footstool and not our master.

¨Ä Urban Umpires radio platform is making way for the Umpires new revolution in music, visual entertainment, and radio. Collaborating with industry figures worldwide the Umpires are streamlining manifestation of yet another movement.

"We are ready to branch out unhinged and really promote skills in artistry and content. 2009 has to be the start of real movements...not just in music but in our overall approach in life as a people. Ties not worth binding bust be cut an stronger seed must be laid." Just Jay

No matter, for all the hard core lovers of any one of the 8 multigenred radio shows which aired for years to real music lovers around the globe - Urban Umpires can be contacted exclusively with inquiries about any of the hundreds of archived episodes.

Join over 40 million others in the movement to promote "Skillz NOT Image" in music worldwide and be there when the new radio station is unveiled.

¨Ä Umpire Marc Stretch throws down some heat with a new Foreign Legion album titled The Secret Knock. Feel free to check out his membership bio for more details.

¨Ä Urban Umpires was fully represented in a 2 country multi-city tour by Just Jay. Heads throughout the spread got to meet the Umpire founder out and in person as he shot footage of Hiero for a future project and underwent a grassroots promo blast.

¨Ä Amad Jamal and The Solution are currently in the mastering process of Barely Hanging On: The Chronicles of a Nigga Like Rodney King. The Album is set to be Urban Umpires first release. Features include Dilated Peoples, DeFari and many others. Look for this release in fall 2008! Trust, THIS IS NOT ONE TO MISS!

¨Ä Check out the DVD from Opio of Hieroglyphics and Souls Of Mischeif titled The Vulture's Wisdom Vol.1, Direction, DVD filming and editing by Urban Umpires (and friends).

¨Ä Keep an eye out for Upcoming Urban Umpires Album. It will feature all the Umpires (and friends) on one album.

¨Ä Various Blends currently in studio working on newest album... More to come!

¨Ä Grand V and Just Jay form rap duo Diamond Jewelz - First full length album currently in production.

¨Ä Black Burgundy aka RasCue teams up with Beat Maker Beat from Russia - Album in production.

¨Ä Beat Maker Beat from Russia heads off new subdivision among the Umpires becoming the first Jr. Umpire. Official Umpire status applicable when all Umpire standards are met.

¨Ä Black Burgundy currently in production with Freddy Cruger aka Red Astaire - from Stockholm Switzerland.

¨Ä Urban Kolhurt honors Umpire Crush Delights non-profit Sol Collective at the Urban Leadership conference.

¨Ä Friz Bola currently holding DJ residencies in San Francisco and Las Vegas - Keep an eye out for show dates and venues.

¨Ä Watch for RasCue on international tour with Cali Agents (Rasco and Planet Asia) as tour DJ coming to a city near you - If they haven't already!

¨Ä Urban Umpires and Just Jay to start set up of production and filming of Opio's second release of 2 on Hiero Imperium titled The Vultures Wisdom Vol.2

¨Ä Just Jay finishes project with FMZ aka Famouz, Bon Jovi, and David Huff - Remixing the first ever cleared Bon Jovi sampled song, Bad Love. Be sure to check out FMZ's link to hear the song!

¨Ä Marc Stretch finishes Foreign Legion album and is currently working on solo album.

¨Ä Cold Showda finishes new full lenghth album (DJ Pioneer on production) titled Da Gun and Knife Show.

¨Ä Cold Showda is currently sitting on full length M.I.T. album. commercial release under review.

¨Ä Coop D' Ville back in S.F after a long traveling stint between New York, Miami and S.F.

Also Click the Third Rail Sign to your left and go underground to hear the new episodes of all Urban Umpires 8 urban radio platform shows. Just Pick a show and click the link. New Shows air weekly - and all shows are on demand! Join over 40 million others in supporting true artistry!




Urban Umpires provides an extensive range of multimedia services, both multi-platform and multi-genred which include:

• Multi Production Deals
• Movie and Music Video Production, Filming, and Editing
• Corporate Liaison for Urban Marketing Strategies
• Artist Development, Marketing and Management
• Event Planning and Promotion
• Live Performance and Musical Entertainment
• Audio and Video Content Production and Editing (Television, Radio, Web
and Cinema)
• Audio Production, Mixing, and Mastering
• Commercial Media
• Record Label Promotions/Projects
• Marketing Stratigizing/Copywriting
• Web and Graphic Design

Quotes are custom, according to the clients needs. All requests for services are carefully reviewed and we reserve the right to deny participation in any proposed endeavour.